Cut Cloud Spend
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Eliminate bloated cloud costs by up to 60% with our tailored bill audits, architecture optimizations, and operational recommendations.

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By choosing The Glenrose Group, you receive over a decade of expertise, one-on-one support, and an innovative, technology-first approach to ensuring top-tier savings that will drive results for you business.

Out-of-Control Cloud
Spend Is Restricting
Cash Flow and Growth

Your cloud costs are too high, but knowing where to cut them takes time, resources, expertise, and manpower that you don't have.

Unfortunately, excessive spending is negatively impacting your bottom line and the amount of money you can invest into your business to fuel growth. In short, it's holding your business back.

So where do you begin?

Forward-Thinking Strategies that Reduce
Costs to Elevate Your Bottom Line

Other cloud management experts take a purely financial approach. The Glenrose Group does things differently by bringing deeply experienced engineering talent to fuel growth, increase profit margins, and reduce the stress of cloud spending that's gotten out of hand.

Instead of low profit margins, rising cloud costs, and unpredictable budgets that contribute to lost profits, Glenrose will help you:

Without Glenrose

Rising Costs
Unpredictable Budgets
Missed Savings Opportunities
Lost Margins

With Glenrose

Optimized Spending
Financial Control
New Investment Opportunities
Maximized Profit Margins

Choose Glenrose to Cut Cloud Costs and Empower the Future of Your Business

With 11 years of experience cutting cloud costs, our team takes an engineering-focused approach to audit your cloud bills, optimize your architecture, and recommend operational changes that transform your business.

Plus, we keep Glenrose small to ensure you get top-of-line attention to detail, exception quality, and measurable results that speak for themselves.

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Reduce Costs by 15-30% with Cloud Bill Audits

We’ll tackle your AWS, Azure, and GCP bills as well as SaaS spending to optimize savings and boost cost-efficiency line by line. This leads to a virtually instant decrease in spending that, in turn, increases profits.


Save another 25-45% with Architecture Reviews

Skyrocket cost-to-performance ratios and build a foundation for growth with cost-effective assessment of architecture design that takes advantage of opportunities in relation to your business scale and operations.


Cultivate Long-Term Cash Flow and Growth

By implementing the latest FinOps practices, we activate higher-than-before profit margins in the long term. You’ll also have clarity on long-term strategies that guarantee you’re never blindsided by excessive costs again.

Three Simple Steps
to Reduce Cloud Spend and Stress

It's easier then it seems


Schedule Free Consultation

Click below to schedule a free consultation to tell us about your organization, goals, and concerns.


Receive Bill Analysis and Architecture Review

Give us access to your bills and we'll handle everything else with hands-on reviews that unlock financial potential.


Reduce Costs and Elevate Your Bottom Line

That's it! You'll instantly start reducing costs and stress to increase profit margins.

How Glenrose Saved $10M
and Increase Profit
Margins for a Single Client

The problem.

Impossible to manage costs

After moving to the cloud from traditional data centers, one leading observability company with billion-dollar revenues dealt with dozens of vendors. This made it virtually impossible to manage costs, track spending, and identify opportunities for savings and put a strain on dwindling profit margins.

So, they came to us.

Plan, implement, profit

We tailored a 3-part plan to their biggest concerns and goals, both now and for the future of the organization. We immediately identified savings possibilities by diving into their cloud service invoices.

Then, we conducted a systematic review of their platform architecture to achieve significant cost savings that wouldn’t impact operations. Finally, we implemented a FinOps charter as well as tools and services that empowered their organization to take financial responsibility to ensure long-term success.

The result?

Boosted gross margins by 4%
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 27%
Long-term savings of $10M annually
Gross margin efficiency soared to 80%

See What Other
Clients Said
About Glenrose

For pure cloud-native businesses, we view GMs as an important indicator of engineering quality. [Client's] near 80% GM efficiency on AWS cloud is best-in-class, and we believe the change speaks to the large structural improvements the company has made to its engineering organization.

Analyst, Credit Suisse

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